Learning to paint in oils

A pictorial timeline of my progress so far.

In October 2019, whilst searching through YouTube for something to watch, I decided to check out some videos of the iconic American TV personality Bob Ross. I was immediately struck by how easy he made it look to create stunning landscapes in such a short time, so of course I had to try it out for myself.

A snowy mountain by Mark Greatorex October 2019 Oil on canvas

My first few attempts came out OK, but I soon realised that I didn’t really want to paint snow-capped Alaskan peaks all the time. It was then that I discovered the work of Len Hend, an Australian artist who paints outback and bush scenes using the same wet-on-wet technique as that used by Bob. Len’s tutorials helped me to discover a passion for painting the Australian landscape, and I soon began to paint prolifically, completing at least one painting each day.

Broken Creek, Barmah Forest by Mark Greatorex December 2019 Oil on canvas

I have now started a blog where I will showcase the best of my paintings as I complete them, along with a bit of a story behind why I chose to paint each one. You can view it here: Art by Rex. I’ve also started to take lessons with a local artist, Peter Delahenty, who is based in Olinda.

The MacLaughlin River, NSW by Mark Greatorex January 2020 Oil on canvas

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